What all do I get for the player registration fee?

Think of this as the ultimate, real-life 2k “My Player” experience

  • A player profile including game day picture, player information and league stats.
  • Full analytical offensive and defensive stats throughout the entire season.
  • Placement in the league power ranking – ordering all players in the league by per game averages of: points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals.
  • A chance to be featured on our weekly highlight clips, including: player of the week, game of the week, and top plays.
  • Access to high level competition and top players in the greater Kansas City area.
  • Involvement in All-Star Weekend.

What is All-Star Weekend?

This is an opportunity to celebrate the top performers in our league through competitions and awards on the last day of the league. There will events including:

  • All-Star game
  • 3-point contest
  • Dunk contest
  • Award’s ceremony

o        MVP: most valuable player

o        Mr. Big Shot: player who scores the most total points in the league

o        Defensive player

o        Dr. Dunk: winner of the dunk contest

o        3-point champion: winner of the 3-point contest

o        Sportsmanship award

o        Drew Murphy award: player who shows true character on and off the court

  • Championship game
  • Live Performances

How do I register if I don’t have a full team?

  • If you have less than the minimum 7 player roster, you need five players (including yourself) to register and put down minimum $20 towards their player fee BEFORE your spot will be reserved in the league. Therefore, registration will be a first come, first serve basis by teams with minimum 5 players registered.

o        The full player fee ($65) for each player must be paid before the first game of the league. If a player does not have the full amount due by the second game, they will not play and Ball Up Sporting reserves the right to fill the roster with free agents until the minimum 7 player requirement is met.

  • If you are entering the league by yourself, register as a free agent by clicking the “Registration” tab and selecting free agent. Fill out the information and we will place you on the next available team. Once we find you a spot, we will email you an invoice for the $65 player fee. Your fee must be paid no later than 1 week before the first game of the league in order to secure you post.

o        In the event that your player fee is not paid in full, Ball Up Sporting reserves the right to replace your spot with another free agent.

o        Reserves: if you do not make on a free agent team, you will be placed on a waiting list. In the even that a team cannot fill out the minimum 7 player roster by the second game of the season, we will contact you with a discounted offer to join for the remainder of the league.

  • If you are registering with a friend or two, email us at ballupsporting@gmail.com and let us know the players wanting to play together and we will work to accommodate your preference.

How do I purchase a highlight video and when can I buy them?

  • To purchase a highlight video, go to the “Registration” tab on our website and choose “Player Highlight Package.” Enter your player information and purchase the package.

o        We will email the completed project in a link to your email where you will be able to download the video.

  • You may purchase your highlight package anytime throughout the season and up to 2 weeks after the final game of the league.

o        PLEASE NOTE: if you are purchasing your highlight package after the 4th game of the season, there will be a an additional charge of $20 to accommodate sifting through previous footage.

What is the refund policy?

  • Due to the nature of scheduling, a refund of player registration or player packages will only be provided under the circumstances that Ball Up Sporting cancels the league for any reason.