High Exposure Tours

Ball Up Sporting offers high exposure tours that help players take their talents to the next level. Are mission is to help every player we can get to the next level in their basketball Career. 

  • Overseas College Coaches
  • Professional Coaches
  • Game Film
  • ¬†High Exposure
  • Tourist Attractions

College/Overseas Coaches

At every game there will be a number of professional and college coaches scouting the games to see what players are a great fit to their team. If recruited by a college or professional team you will be able to accept contracts to be apart of the organization. These teams including colleges will compensate you for your play and for the season.


Game Film/Exposure

Every game will be video recorded and distributed to each of the players. If you would like personal highlights created for you then you have the option to purchase them. There will also be highlights posted on all of Ball Up Sporting’s social media. Alongside with your film colleges and professional teams will be viewing over these games. You can use highlights/Game footage to send out to different coaches all over the world.

Tourist Attractions

On all of Ball Up Sporting tour’s you will experience different cultural attractions. You will have the opportunity to participate in events alongside teammates such as Canyoneering, site seeing, and other adventures.

Overseas Tour Application

"I'm Applying for a opportunity to go on a overseas tour."

I've Been Accepted

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