Team Captain: Alfonso “Wit” Hayes / 5′-11″

Alfonso Hayes is the co-founder and CEO of Ball Up Sporting, an adult basketball league in Kansas City geared towards capturing and promoting high level basketball through highlight films, analyzed player statistics, and social media clips. Before starting Ball Up Sporting, Alfonso worked as a sales representative for HomeAdvisor but his love of basketball sparked his entrepreneurial path. His vision for Ball Up Sporting developed through years of playing basketball, an avid enthusiasm for NBA2K and his competitive nature. His passion helped propel his desire to bring the best parts of the game to players on and off the court from high level competition to flashy videos celebrating talent. As someone who gets just as hyped for an assist as his own made bucket, it makes sense that he successfully created a platform to support and promote great players in the Kansas City area. His leadership qualities, approach-ability, and understanding of the players and the game help him fill his role as team captain. His draft picks helped create the unstoppable team we have today.

Shooting Guard: William “Will” Rand / 5′-9″                                       

Will Rand, CFO of Ball Up Sporting, works full-time as an accountant for the government and runs the financial aspects of Ball Up Sporting as a solid shooting guard. A true play maker, Will spots up on the perimeter and can consistently and reliably come through for the team. He transitions well from coast to coast as he helps with both ends of the business both on and off the court. He practices constantly as he always puts in time on the back end to get his game up. Will is the ultimate team player with great off the ball movement, making sure to set screens and complete tasks to keep the offense running smoothly. He hustles after every loose ball and uses that scrappy nature to fill anything the Ball Up Sporting team needs. His quick handles ensure he can “handle” anything you throw his way.