We are the first basketball league in the Kansas City area to offer the ultimate “My Player” experience designed specifically for adult athletes. Each team and individual player will have their own profile and access to highlight videos through game footage, providing the ability to compare statistics and view player ranking. Through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, Ball Up Sporting offers a competitive atmosphere focused towards player growth and athletic networking. Professional highlight videos will be available for purchase through player packages. We will also create an engaging, social environment by hosting mini competitions, active social media accounts and award ceremonies allowing the players to interact outside of the game setting. Teams will vote on mini competitions, such as king of the court, 3-point contest, dunk contest, etc., throughout the season to participate in. In week 8 of the season, we will host an all-star game, the mini competitions and an awards ceremony for the basketball league. At the awards ceremony, we will allocate individual awards, provide fun for the families, reward the championship team and discuss future leagues. Our product and services recreate the way adult recreational and competitive leagues are played by tracking stats, providing video highlights and maintaining a culture where competitive drive can thrive.